Intermediate Level

Welcome to the Intermediate Level!

Intermediate level typically corresponds to second and sometimes third year of college-level language study. At this level, students explore a greater range of communicative situations, expand their vocabulary and get a greater control of grammar concepts. The goal of intermediate level is to transition from short sentence statements to paragraph-length descriptions in different tenses. This level corresponds to Intermediate Level (Low, Mid, and High) on the ACTFL scale, 1+ on the IRL scale, and A2 for CEFR.

In each conversation topic, you will find a brief introduction, a set of questions in Russian (as a collapsible text), followed by a an English-language version of these questions. You will also find a role play task to practice dialogue skills in different contexts. In addition, some topics include Quizlet vocabulary cards and interactive activities.

Working with Intermediate Level Students

At the Intermediate level, students are transitioning from phrase and sentence level narration to paragraph-length statements. Students are also working on expanding their conversational fluency and vocabulary knowledge, while practicing key grammar patterns. Try to encourage your conversation partners to say several sentences at a time and to add more details to their descriptions. You can ask additional questions and help them out by following up on what they said. While they already know a lot, you might often need to slow down, rephrase, and check for comprehension. Don't be afraid of repetition, and allow your conversation partner to take their time in thinking about their responses.

Conversation Topics

Do you have suggestions for other conversation topics or questions? Email us at and we will create new topics and conversation tasks!