Novice Level

Welcome to the Novice Level!

This part of the website offers practice tasks for students who are in their first year of studying Russian as a foreign language. At Novice level, students learn the basics of Russian pronunciation and conversation skills, while building their vocabulary and grammar knowledge. This level corresponds to Novice Level (Low, Mid, and High) on the ACTFL scale, 0 to 0+ on the IRL scale, and A1 for CEFR.

Conversation topics, grammar and vocabulary content follow typical college curriculum (though it may vary depending on your program). In each topic, you will find the first set of Quizlet cards with new vocabulary, the second set with sample sentences and questions, as well as practice and review games. If access to Quizlet is slow, we have added the word and question lists below Quizlet cards as collapsible text. Some topics will include suggestions for interactive activities and online exploration tasks.

To access the topics, please use the tiles below or the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Working with Novice Level Students

Novice level students are beginners who transition from learning words and short phrases to producing sentences and communicating in a predictable familiar context with empathetic listeners accustomed to talking with non-native speakers. Students work on establishing pronunciation and intonation patterns, building their grammar and vocabulary knowledge in order to be able to understand some basic day-to-day interactions. Speech rate at the Novice level is slower; please, be supportive and patient of each other during practice.

Practice and repetition is key to a successful start, we hope you enjoy learning together and seeing the progress.

Conversation topics

Do you have suggestions for other conversation topics or questions? Email us at and we will create new topics and conversation tasks!